October 18, 2013 | Friday

Cycling in business suit – Ardian Jashari

Cycling is a popular activity worldwide. People don’t do it only to stay fit but also for getting around town.  Lately, I am seeing more and more bikers on regular basis in and around Prishtina.  I am happy to see that the number of people cycling to work has increased; I personally do it for many years now.  Even though Prishtina doesn’t offer the required infrastructure for bikers, we have overcome this obstacle turning it into a challenge and as our (cyclists) number increases the need for infrastructure is more visible.

If you were seen in Prishtina riding your bike to work on a business suit 10 years ago, people would have made fun of you.  This is not the case today.  Riding the bike to work means you can get there faster because you avoid traffic jams and you run daily errands and get to the meetings easier.  It also means that you save money because you are riding on calories, not on fuel.  And, more importantly, you are keeping the air cleaner for your kids while getting fitter yourself.