May 15, 2019 | Wednesday

Competition for startup ideas “Show me your business mind!”

The EU Office and Europe House in Kosovo invite you to be part of the competition and get a chance to win financing of your business idea.

‘Show me your business mind’ – Application Form

Write a brief description of the business idea and a short business plan.

Submit the application at

                                                             Deadline for submission is 7 June 2019.

The professional jury will select three most attractive ideas, and Europe House will organise a public pitch for the 3 proposals in front of potential investors.

Prize: 3 best proposals, will be offered a chance to find an INVESTOR and get a support package of up to €20.000 in value by ICK and Gjirafa.

The competition is part of Economic Development campaign “Let’s talk economy” supported by EU in Kosovo and implemented by Europe House. 

It is open from 7 May, until 7 June.

Location: Europe House, Prishtina – Kosovo


Two out of three best proposals will also get the ICK Startup Founders’ Pack. This pack gives the start-ups access to the international programs, networks, business incubator services and much more, in the value of up to €20.000.

We will be preparing all the social media promotional materials and will work during the campaign to identify potential investors that may be interested to be in the pitch.


Do you qualify for application? You do, if you have:

  • A great business idea with a commercial market and want to start your own business.
  • A commitment to develop your Startup and create new jobs in Kosovo.
  • A plan to produce and export.

The Admission Process

  • Public call is open from 7th May until June 7th, 2019.
  • The pitching for the best idea, with the jury and potential investors will take place in June, at Europe House, Prishtina. (date to be confirmed)

Application and the required information

  • The application can be downloaded from web site. The application should be submitted in one of the three languages; Albanian, English or Serbian.

Evaluation of the business ideas

Your proposal will be initially checked if it qualifies according to the selection criteria. The jury will evaluate and select three best proposals for the opportunity to present their project to the potential investors. The final decision will be based on the admission selection criteria, which includes:

  • Quality of the business idea,
  • Product or service,
  • Experience and commitment of the entrepreneur or team,
  • Commercial market potential and
  • Opportunities for growth of the business.

Three successful proposals will be contacted to move to the final round of the pitch.