April 15, 2024 | Monday

Beneficiaries in focus: ICT for Kosovo’s Growth project trainees – Nora Havolli

The EU-funded project ICT for Kosovo’s Growth organised the award certification ceremony for the 198 certified trainees who participated in the 300-hour advanced ICT training programme in seven training modules. The ICT training was delivered by experienced international and local trainers. 

Certificates were awarded to trainees who successfully completed the ICT training and passed the final examination. Among the trainees were students, graduates (Bachelor and Master) and employees with a wide range of profiles such as software developers, software engineers, database administrators, database analysts, database developers, cybersecurity engineers, security analysts, IT Managers, network engineers, data analysts, data science specialists, IT administrators, IT specialists.

“The EU’s aim is very clear, to foster innovation, to drive economic growth, increase participation in the labour market and facilitate the internationalisation of Kosovo’s ICT sector,” said Mr. Tomáš Szunyog, the EU’s Ambassador to Kosovo, who was present at the award ceremony. 

We spoke to some of the trainees to learn how they will make use of the skills gained from this training. 

Nora Havolli

Nora Havolli holds a Master’s degree in Business Strategy Organization from Università Politecnica Delle Marche in Ancona, Italy. She is an experienced professional in the field of banking with direct experience in financial systems, client relations and risk management in the banking sector. Being a believer of the life-long learning mission, she decided to participate in the training organised by the ICT for Kosovo’s Growth project so that she could keep up to date with the technological developments. 

Havolli picked the Big Data Analytics course because of its direct correlation to her professional experience. Having been directly involved in data analysis in the banking sector, she believes that big data understanding and interpretation is crucial to business growth. The training helped her gain valuable skills and knowledge that she can further apply directly in her work. She highlights the importance of detailed understanding of the essential coding techniques and the opportunity to test their level of gained knowledge through practical tests throughout the training. “The greatest benefit from this kind of training stands in their mission to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to encourage innovation, increase productivity and contribute to the overall growth of the information, communication and technology industry in Kosovo. By investing in the human capital, the market in Kosovo is able to keep up with the world trends”, she says. 

Havolli’s goal is to use the skills gained from the training to improve her own professional performance but also to pursue further development opportunities in the ICT sector.