October 16, 2018 | Tuesday

Art exhibition ‘Fading under the sky’ unfolds the fog and the fading of the capital city

The sky and the picturesque colours of Pristina mixed with the smog and the fading colours of the city were the centre of the exhibition “Fading under the sky” by painter Rron Qena, opened on the 15th of October at the European Union Information and Culture Centre in Pristina.



The art exhibition is comprised of seven paintings, starting with the “Fading City”, continuing with “Space Illusion” and ending up with “Not all trees…we lost the city too”.

Vjosa Berisha, team leader at EUICC welcomed the audience by highlighting once more the support EUICC gives to artists by presenting their work at EUICC premises.

“I am happy to present Rron’s exhibition tonight. As I heard, it has been a long time since Rron has exhibited in Pristina and it makes me happy that tonight we have him here. This is another event where we promote our culture and our artists and give a space for artistic expressions” Vjosa Berisha said during the opening night of the exhibition.



Paintings present Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo in all atmospheres and colours, losing itself to pollution and fog. A beautiful woman is seen from behind and in another picture, a portrait of a man – two very personal paintings of the painter.


“Tonight’s exhibition focuses mostly on our city, Pristina, a city that is being lost and lately I am very much concerned that nothing today resembles to how Pristina was some years ago. This exhibition is a signal that nothing is really going well in Pristina nowadays’ said Rron Qena on the opening of the exhibition in front of the audience.

In Qena’s artistic perspective his country, city and the people are slowly fading while the sky continues to shine through.



The fading colours reveal the feeling of suffocation by social and political problems, claustrophobic buildings, while what’s left for the people is the beauty of the sky that prevails with its calming colours and its resistance.

Rron Qena is one of the best painters of his generation. He graduated from Academy of Arts in Pristina and has exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. The exhibition is also in line with the current Environment Campaign organized by European Union Office in Kosovo. Water, air, waste management and energy efficiency are four main pillars of this Campaign, towards a more committed engagement for the environment protection in Kosovo.

The art exhibition “Fading under the Sky” will be opened until 8th of November and people are welcome to come and visit. All of the paintings are for sale so everyone interested can contact the artist in this regard.