December 2, 2022 | Friday

Agmie Osmani – a young activist aiming to increase the well-being of marginalized communities in Kosovo

Not longer than a month ago, the third generation of the Young European Ambassadors was announced. After the electronic voting process, Agmie Osmani, a psychologist, and a social worker was elected as one of the nine Young European Ambassadors of the third generation from Kosovo.

Agmie describes herself as a social activist, committed to the cause of bringing social justice to the people in Kosovo. She says that since she was a young girl, she loved to help people. Increasing the well-being of people in Kosovo, especially those of marginalized groups, remains Agme’s main objective, and now joining the network of the Young European Ambassador in Kosovo, region, and Europe, she feels that it will be an ideal opportunity and platform to achieve that.

She is a founder of an NGO, and is active in numerous activities and projects that have to do with good governance, increasing capacities in different fields, and others. Agmie is part of the Youth Council of the U.S Embassy, where she is focused in projects that have to do with Education and Good Governance.

Also, she is part of the OSCE Pool of Trainers, which is a program that trains and empowers young trainers in different fields, so that they can contribute in different areas of work. As far as OSCE programs, she is an alumnus of the Dialogue Academy for Young Women.

Recently she was a participant in the World Democracy Forum: A New Hope, as a part of the Political School of Kosova delegation. There she had the chance to see and meet a lot of people who are actively working on safeguarding democracy and human rights. Coming from a young country like Kosovo that aims to achieve democratic values and European values, she sees her participation as extremely important and empowering. 

Last year, Agmie founded an NGO called Organization for Social Integration and Development “Follow Up”, which offers (re)integration services to marginalized communities, with a focus on women and children affected by violence. As an organization, they aim to make sure that no one is forced to live in violent and unhealthy conditions, due to a lack of opportunities and support.

Recently, she was selected as a Young European Ambassador, and feels really happy that to be a part of this community, since it will allow her to take her activism to another level. As a YEA, she plans to continue her work on protecting vulnerable communities and providing opportunities to those who need them. She will actively work on gender equality, prevention of violence, abuse, and integration services.

The main goal in her career is to contribute to the sector of social well-being and social work in Kosova.