January 28, 2019 | Monday

Achievements of civil activism in contemporary art in Kosovo

The EUICC in North Mitrovica organised a masterclass with artist Miljana Dunđerin, focusing on civil activism in contemporary art in Kosovo.

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Miljana pointed out the history and the most notable examples of artistic activism worldwide and how they can be applied to Kosovo. The discussion also emphasised the ability of artistic activism to take on unfamiliar forms which provide an opportunity to disrupt people’s preconceived notions of art and protest.

Miljana Dunđerin is the artistic director of independent cultural centre Aquarius, the founder and director of creative painting school ‘Little Atelier’ and the art editor of North City Jazz & Blues Festival. With more than 13 solo exhibitions and more than 50 group exhibitions, Miljana remains one of the most accomplished artists of North Mitrovica.

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