December 30, 2021 | Thursday

ABCD-Actions Before Crisis on Decarbonisation – Egzona Shala

Writes: MSc. Egzona Shala –Ecologist/Environment expert

Let`s start with the basic answer to the question: what does decarbonisation mean and how to achieve it?
Decarbonisation refers to the process of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions resulting from human activity in the atmosphere. The current (and optimistic) objective of decarbonisation is to, eventually, eliminate our carbon dioxide emissions, if not then at least we need to reduce our demands that release carbon dioxide.

To achieve decarbonisation, we need to rethink how we produce and consume energy and operate a radical switch to renewables and low carbon energy sources. We need to be oriented to renewable energy sources with the most suitable decarbonisation scenario that Kosovo is set to embark on an electricity sector development path that will lead to an energy mix almost entire comprised of renewable sources of energy.

Coal phase-out is an inevitable reality for Kosovo too. Not only workers – whose jobs and livelihoods are at a direct risk from coal phase-out – will need to go through a change. Well-planned and inclusive just transition mechanisms do not only answer the consequences of dirty energy but generate sustainable jobs and provide an opportunity for a transformational change towards renewables for a wider society. Without ensuring that nobody will be left behind our society will not support the transition thus Kosovo might be one of the last countries with a coal based energy system.
In Kosovo, the concept of just transition is, according to Just Transition Portal, not born yet but hopefully with the increasing capacities from renewable energy ( solar and wind) sources we might have easier this process and everyone will be equally included and involved.
Transitioning Kosovo to a low-carbon economy while adapting to more challenging operating conditions is not simple, it requires our consistency and actions.

We need to act to mitigate raising temperatures and to adapt to the lifestyle that we created. Try eating less meat, buying fewer clothes and try reusing anything you can.
We must act independently and together for our planet, our home.
Re-green the Earth!