February 23, 2019 | Saturday

Inspirational Talk with Adriatik Kelmendi

Adriatik Kelmendi, a famous journalist, lecturer and TV host was the first guest of the ‘EU Inspirational Talks’ – monthly event that will happen from February on, inviting people who have inspiring stories to share with the audience.

On the 22nd of February, Kelmendi shared his story at the European Union Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina. Vjosa Berisha – Team Leader at the EUICC welcomed the guest, currently a TV host of ‘RUBIKON’ debate, and introduced the new format of ‘EU Inspirational Talks’.


Kelmendi started the talk by talking more about his experience as a Chevening Scholar and his student life in London.

“It is not only me who says this, but Chevening remains one of the most prestigious and successful scholarships awarded to students from Kosovo. I already had more than five years of experience in Kosovo before being a recipient of Chevening Scholarship, and this was an advantage because the Scholarship requires previous experience in the field you want to enroll. I was the third generation and for me studying in London meant getting to know new cultures, backgrounds, different people and different setting. I shared the floor with girls from Taiwan, Singapore and Japan” Kelmendi told the audience.

Adriatik Kelmendi graduated from Goldsmith University in London, studying Media and Political Communication.


He began working as a journalist for KOHA DITORE, then continued as an editor and being only in his middle 20s, he was appointed as Responsible Editor.

Currently, Kelmendi hosts the TV Show ‘RUBIKON’ on primetime, probably being one of the most successful TV show in Kosovo.

“EU Inspirational Talks” will happen every month in both EUICC’s, in Pristina and North Mitrovica, with different successful people parading and sharing their experiences with the interested people.