January 10, 2020 | Friday

2019 highlights at Europe House in Pristina and North Mitrovica

2019 has come to an end, and its undoubtedly time to reflect on what Europe House in Pristina and North Mitrovica brought to the audiences.

A lot of activities, two extensive campaigns during 2019, exhibitions, book promotions, movie screenings, and panel discussions – EU in this way was brought closer to you in Kosovo.

We are here choosing 10 events that were the highlight of the year we bid farewell just a week ago.


  1. Opening of new Europe House premises in Pristina
  2. Campaign on Anti- Corruption
    During December 2019, the European Union in Kosovo and Europe House organized and implemented a special campaign on Anti-Corruption. ‘Corruption steals your dreams’ was the slogan of the campaign, mainly active on social media and trying to raise awareness on how corruption can damage our dreams and the future of your children.
  3. EU Inspirational Talk – Nevena Bozovic
  4. ‘My Place’ exhibition by Zana Ramadani
    Beginning of September 2019, Zana Ramadani opened up her exhibition ‘My Place’ at the Europe House in Pristina. “Pristina is the place where I was born and raised and furthermore elevated myself professionally. This is my place, just like the name of the exhibition suggests. I go out in the nature, I take long walks and I do enjoy different elements that afterwards come to life in these paintings” Zana remarked during the opening of the exhibition.
  5. Campaign on Economic Development

  6. Concert of Olen Cesari and International Clandestine Orchestra / part of Europe Day activities
  7. ‘ICY’ exhibition by Neron
  8. Woman’ – exhibition by Mimoza Studenica
  9. Inspirational Talk with Aleksandar Vukosavljević, kickboxing and MMA champion

  10. Panel, movie screening: The war in Syria and its impact in Kosovo explored through film