March 19, 2016 | Saturday

2015 Gender Equality Highlights in Photos

In Kosovo, 2015 was filled with independent and institutional initiatives and events in an attempt to support an awareness campaign against gender based violence, promote gender equality and human rights in general. Among others, with the help of international organizations, several projects were implemented aiming to help women in business, victims of violence and female war heroes.  In this EUICC Photo Blog edition, we present some of this year’s highlights that drew the attention of the public and marked history, thanks to the creativity and dedication of the individuals involved.


Photo 1:


EUICC donated a dress designed by Blerina Kllokoqi – Rugova and the participants of the workshop for fashion design for the activity “The Collection of Dresses.” The installation dedicated to the survivors of sexual violence during the war was titled “Thinking of you” and was curated by the artist Alketa Xhafa-Mripa and producer Anna Di Lellio, under the patronage of President Jahjaga. (photo: AA)



Photo 2:


The event was attended by numerous well-known figures, among which was President Atifete Jahjaga, one of the event’s sponsors. The collection of skirts and dresses was held in cities across Kosovo and included donations from Rita Ora and Cherie Blair. (Photo source: Telegrafi)



Photo 3:


In support of women in business, a project for training and support for entrepreneurs from minority groups was implemented. “Building Businesses” was a joint project of the EU and UN Women, implemented by UNDP and supported new businesses founded by women, such as the picture above, Kartolina Magjike (Magic Postcards). (Photo source: UN Woman)\



Photo 4:


Elvanë Qorri from Gjakova, also was a participant of the project supported by the EU and  UN Women. She launched a beekeeping and honey company in 2015 with the project’s support. (Photo source: UN Woman).



Photo 5:


The memorial “Heroines”, a monument dedicated to the  sacrifice and versatile contribution of Kosovar women during the 1998-1999 war. The initiator of this project was MP Alma Lama, whilst during the inauguration prominent figures from the political, civil society and culture sphere participated. (Photo source: The World Today).  



Photo 6:


Flutura Ibrahimi, together with Arineta Mula and Afërdita Tahiri are three Kosovar women that reached the summit of Mont Blanc, the highest peak of Europe at 4810m, in 2015, proving that women really can do anything. “At the top I felt as the happiest person in the world, it was a dream come true” stated Ibrahimi for the media. (Photo source: Koha Net).




Photo 7:


 “Mr. Prime Minister bravery has nothing to do with gender” was one of the messages written on feminine pads by the gender equality activist Elona Kastrati. These messages were displayed on electric pillars near the government building. Elona Kastrati chose this form of expression to call upon government leaders not to discriminate women with patriarchal vocabulary. (Photo source: Telegrafi).



Photo 8:




Photo 9:


The 2015 edition of the “Femart” festival, organized by Artpolis brought together  artists from around the world through artistic exhibitions, films, theater performance, workshops and panel discussions. This festival promoted human rights, transitional justice in the Ballkans, LGBT rights, and the prevention of violence against women and empowerment of women in society through art. (Photo source: Artpolis).